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Lessons & Hikes

We offer; Lessons in "Liberty Training" and "Starting a Horse under Saddle" for US$ 85.00 pr session. (Duration 2 hours)

Dancing with Horses Demo for US$ 35.00 pr person. (Duration 1 hour)

Natural Horse Management and Sustainable Horse Keeping Lessons for US$ 55.00 pr person. (Duration 2 hours)

Horse Hikes for US$ 65 pr person. (Duration 2-3 hours)


Many guests choose to combine horse lessons with hiking in the rainforest or to the volcano. Some try a discover dive or just relax in the beautiful setting surrounding our center. We are surrounded by amazing views in all directions. The sunsets are fabulous and the food is healthy with vegetarian and vegan dishes. If you are more people please ask for a discount.



Nancy Weaver: I’ve been around horses since I was 5: cowboying and later, hunter/jumping. I stopped riding because I was troubled by the way horses were treated in the stables and arenas I visited. Stina Herberg’s demonstrations and the horses brought me back into a relationship of discovery, respect and delight. I learned to meet horses as equals and on their own terms, and to gradually learn their language. What a heart opening experience and in one of the most beautiful locations on earth. In beginning to understand how the horse herd collaborates and cooperates, I began to understand how humans can as well.


Peggy B: I recently spent a couple of weeks at the Richmond Vale School and had the great fortune to take a few horse training lessons with Stina. Stina’s energy with the horses is characterized simultaneously by both calm and fire and it is inspiring to watch her interact with them. She is also an amazing teacher- her instruction is clear and non-threatening. The surroundings at the school are lovely with a view to die for in every direction and the people at the school as well as the local community were warm and welcoming.


Kim Knuit: This pure connection with horses is what I always wanted. The lessons taught by Stina and her horses was a dream come true. St. Vincent is a treasure among the caribbean islands. You will find yourself in an unique tropical getaway. Nature at it’s finest. Stina is an excellent teacher and she is very passionate about her horses. You soon discover why. Jack, Magic, Spirit, Elena and Darling will show you the way to their heart. Simplicity is what I loved about her method.


Julie Mynors: A magical and freeing experience with horses as guides.


Traci Coates, Kentucky, Mustique Equestrian Center “I had a fantastic time! I received a very warm welcome. My room was simple, tidy and clean with a comfortable bed, and colorful, cheerful sheets. Meals were filling and tasteful, and the hospitality was top notch! I enjoyed tremendously talking with students from around the world. The hiking was amazing and my guide was very experienced and knowledgeable. The scenery is so beautiful and all you have to do to see it is walk outside your room! Stina’s natural horsemanship program is truly a unique experience. She is an excellent teacher and horsewoman. Her enthusiasm for what she teaches is quite contagious, and her horses are kind and willing teachers. I would highly recommend this program!”

Samantha and Chris, St. Vincent
“I got very interested in Richmond Vale Academy after reading an article in the Vincentian newspaper. I got in touch with Stina and we decided on a hike with the horses to Darkview Falls. It was an amazing experience for the 5 of us who had never hiked with horses before. Stina is an excellent teacher and with the help of Roberta and Franklin we all had a great time connecting with these beautiful animals.” 


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