Nature Trails
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Nature Trails

In our area there are many smaller trails through the rainforest that takes from 1-4 hours. These trails are good for an afternoon walk with your friends or with one of our horses. Some of the trails are hilly while other trails are all flat and you end up at the beach.

The Palm Trail

The Palm Trail is a nice and easy walk suitable for most people (it has some steep hiking). You start the walk at Richmond Vale Beach and end at the famous Dark View Fall. Depending on how long you would like to spend at the falls, the tour takes from 2 to 4 hours. Along the trail you will find delicious tropical fruits like Guava, Coconut, Orange, Sour Sop, Coco, Avocado etc.

When you reach Dark View Falls, you can use the changing rooms and get ready to cool of under the ice cold waters of the falls.

On the way back we can choose to go along the road side or take the back trail back to our center. 

Rates Palm Trail per person

  • 1 person     40 USD
  • 2+ person   25 USD

The Cumberland Nature Trail

The tours start with a small drive from Richmond trough Spring Village, where we turn into the Cumberland Vally. The drive it self is fantastic where you really get the feel that now you go deeper inside the rainforest and its wonders. The rainforest is home for much of the island's wildlife, including the rare and exquisite St. Vincent Parrot, the national bird. Cumberland is a hub for bird wacthing and entusiats will find great opportunity to explorer the unique and unspoil nature of St. Vincent.

The whole trip takes about 4 hours. Minimum two person before we do the tour.

Rates Cumberland Nature Trail per person

  • 2 person     40 USD
  • 3+ person   35 USD


The Hot springs

Wallibou River Hot Springs are located 1 and a half hours up river from Trinity Falls.

This is a more advanced and demanding hike where you walk up and thru the river surrounded by lush nature and many rocks.

Due to safety, this adventure is only available during dry season when the river is low. So make sure not to miss it if the time is right.


Rates Hot spring per person

  • 1 person     50 USD
  • 3+ person     40 USD 


Overlooking Richmond Vale on the Palm Trail


Deep in the rainforest, you meet these giant trees.