Explosive Eruption of La Soufriere

Explosive Eruption

After months of effusive eruption, April 9th at 8:43 am the first explosive eruption happened and over the next 2 weeks a total of 31 more explosive eruptions took place. A great amount of ash covered the whole island. In the picture on the left you can see Before and After picture from the Richmond Vale Academy.

The Richmond Vale Diving and Hiking Center remains closed until further notice.

The Rooms We Offer

Economy single room

Basic room with single bed and shared bath room.

Economy double room

Basic room with double bed and shared bath room.

Single room

Room with single bed and private bath room.

Double room

Room with double bed and private bath room.

The Activities We Offer

At our place you will find a wide range of activities. We are located in a hub of eco adventures from trails, water falls, historical places to fantastic scuba diving, pristine beaches, Cliff-jumping and kayaking.

Organic Farm Tour

Our ecological farm produces food that contributes to more than 30 000 meals served pr year.
8am - 4pm

Village Tour

Visit a village and the people living there. Learn about their history and their lives.

Scuba Diving

We offer SCUBA Diving, both training and dive tours for certified divers. If you are thinking about trying to Scuba Dive for the first time, we also offer that service.

Volcano Hike

La Soufriere Volcano in St. Vincent is 4,048 feet above sea level.This is a full day tour where walking from our center to the top takes 2.5 to 3 hours.

Why we Love Eco Tourism

The people running Richmond Vale Hiking explains why we love Eco Tourism.

What Our Guests Say

For folks who look for total relaxation and healthy life!

Richmond Vale Academy is located at the North Western tip of St. Vincent, basically in the foothills with the mighty La Soufriere Volcano looming majestically in the distance.
Numerous trail and hikes to waterfalls, historic ruins, hot springs and canyons to one's liking are to choose from.
They also offer scuba diving in the nearby pristine sea, full of fantastic marine life.
They plant their own veges and spices, rail their healthy, free range animals and subsequently produce their own healthy, tasty food.
RVA can be labelled 'Green', green, as green as one gets.
Otmar Schaedle
The ultimate nature getaway,value for your money

If you are looking for a quiet place to be at one with nature , this is it! The students there are warm and welcoming and you can even share a meal with them during your stay .David takes care of his visitors very well and is very helpful. Ask for a tour of the garden and sample some fruits straght from the tree, see what they are doing to tackle climate change and create a sustainable future for all in SVG. Dont take my word for it , experience it ! Oh and while you are at it dont forget to take a trek up the La Soufriere Volcano trail from the leeward side. David and his team will make sure that is covered.

Colvin Kid Harry
Program Director - NBC Radio SVG
Nature lovers paradise!

This place is a gem and extremely unique. The room is simple, clean with a private bath and the Center is truly off the beaten path, but with everything that you need.
They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner, which was very convenient and we even managed to schedule a massage while we were there. Hiking and beaches nearby are fantastic as well. David really took care of us while we were there, scheduling cab rides and setting aside our food for us, so that we could keep our own schedule. We would highly recommend Richmond Vale.

Andy Worner
Traveller - Canada

Memories from our guests

Over the years we have received many pictures from our guests from their experiences being with us.
We hereby share them with you. Please enjoy...

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