La Soufriere Volcano in St. Vincent is 4,048 feet above sea level

This is a full day tour where walking from our center to the top takes 2.5 to 3 hours.

At the top, you can rest, eat, relax or go down to the volcano crater for 1/2 to 2 hours at the top. Returning to the center, takes 2 to 3 hours.

Therefore, the complete hike takes around 6-8 hours. The tour starts at 7.30 am.

Unlike many tour operators, we offer the Leeward Side ascend, this is a tougher hike than the one on the Windward side, but it is worth it! It is more scenic and on your way back, you can take a swim in the Caribbean Sea to cool off.

The tour includes a guide, an introduction, snacks and water to take on the hike.

Remember to wear good hiking boots or strong trainers and bring a long sleeved shirt (it can be cold at the top) and a light rain jacket; it is ok to wear shorts. We recommend that you stay with us overnight and go on the hike early the next morning.

Inside the Crater

If you have some extra energy, once you reach the top, you can go down the crater and experience the silence and beauty inside the crater.

Top of Volcano

Palm Trail

The Palm Trail is a nice and easy walk suitable for most people (it has some steep hiking). You start the walk at Richmond Beach and end at the famous Dark View Falls. Depending on how long you would like to spend at the falls, the tour takes from 2 to 4 hours. Along the trail you will find delicious tropical fruits like Guava, Coconut, Orange, Sour Sop, Coco and Avocado.

When you reach Dark View Falls, you can use the changing rooms and get ready to cool of under the cool waters of the falls.

On the way back we can choose to go along the road side or take the back trail to our center.

The Cumberland Nature Trail

The tour start with a small drive from Richmond through Spring Village, where we turn into the Cumberland Valley. The drive itself is fantastic, where you really get the feel of going deeper into the rainforest and its wonders. The rainforest is home for the island's wildlife, including the rare and exquisite St. Vincent Parrot, the national bird. Cumberland is a hub for bird wacthing and entusiats will find great opportunity to explore the unique and unspoiled nature of St. Vincent.

The whole trip takes about 4 hours. Minimum two person before we do the tour.

The Cumberland Nature Trail

Dark View Falls

This tour is perfect for children and people who desire a shorter and easier hike.

The hike is beautiful and it takes about 40 minutes to walk from the center to the falls.

Here, you will find a bamboo forest and picnic area.

You can stay at the falls as long as you want.

Falls of Baleine

The falls of Baleine are located in a beautifully secluded area where silence and peacefulness prevails.

You arrive to them after a boat trip and hike.

Dark View Falls & Falls of Baleine

These beautiful falls are a 40 minutes walk or 5 minute drive from the Center.

Kayaking in North Leeward

Enjoy this small movie from a kayaking trip in North Leeward Coast Line