Village Tour

Visit villages in North Leeward and meet families which have their own ecological home garden.

Learn about their lives and challenges and enjoy some fresh produce from the garden. The tour is half a day and starts out in Fitz Hughes and ends with a picnic on the beach in Troumaka.

Organic Farm Tour at Richmond Vale Academy

Our ecological farm produces food that contributes to more than 30 000 meals served pr year.

The farm tour, also called the sustainability tour, takes from 2-4 hours and your guide will take you through the ecological farm and renewable energy sections.

  • intensive vegetable garden
  • forest garden with 800 fruit trees
  • agro forestry systems
  • passion fruit fields
  • pastures for sheep, horses, chicken
  • pens for pigs
  • renewable energy systems
  • rain water harvesting models

Heritage Tour

The Heritage Tour takes place in the village of Rose Hall, a 20 minute drive from the Center.

By visiting you will be part of the culture and enhancement of the current generation embracing their heritage. The different activities interact in showing and living out the above while accommodating visitors and by doing so expanding the livelihood of the Rose Hall people. 

Whale Watching

Contact Alex Whale Watching and Nature Tours - Barouaille. Whatsapp +1 784 526 4793

SVGEF funded two whale and wildlife tour boats

The boats are designed for the calm Leeward coast of St Vincent, where humpbacks, spermwhales, and spinner dolphins have been sighted. The Leeward coast also boosts spectacular snorkelling so passengers can snorkel as part of their day tour.

Both Kirk and Lennox were trained in responsible whale watching in Penisula Valdez by Fundacion Cethus.

Richmond Vale Academy, an educational institution aimed at combatting climate change, which is close to Barrouallie gives full support to the project.